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Why Should You Have an Insurance Broker?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Life can be full of unexpected surprises, some of which we would rather have liked to dodge the bullet. Unfortunately, one cannot be guaranteed a smooth sailing journey without any troubled seas, but one can be guided through the unexpected weathers with the help of an experienced sailor.

A broker is the middleman you need between the storm and your valuable ships, whether personal or business wise, to eliminate your uncertainty. Insurance on its own can give you a headache, because where do you begin and what exactly do you need? Not even to mention filing a claim whilst managing the stress after damage or loss of possessions…

Brokers work independently and not for an insurance company, which means that they have the clients’ best interest at heart. They have a broad knowledge of and stay up to date with the insurance industry: the risks, liabilities, benefits, changes, and they are specialists in explaining all the fine print details. With this knowledge they can guide you into making the most suitable choice for you as an individual or business.

The goal of a broker is to save you time and money. Unlike most consumers, they have access to a wide selection of insurer policies. The brokerage will request quotes on your behalf from all the relevant ones, and therefore would be able to provide you with a range of options from various insurance companies.

Because they maintain a good relationship with the insurers, and the insurers know that the brokers are experienced, they are able to negotiate the premium rates when finding a competitive quote. In the short-term insurance industry, this is done annually when your renewal is due. The broker reviews your policy schedule and see if there are any improvements that can be done in order to provide you with the best service and optimal coverage.

Now you have your broker and they have provided you with satisfactory insurance cover, is that it? Nope! They also support you throughout a whole claim process, because that can really be a nerve-wrecking situation. You deal with the broker’s agents who takes you step-by-step through all of the necessary documents that you need to provide them with so that they can deal with the insurers on your behalf. With their experience and stamina, they go through the utmost trouble to get your claim sorted out as soon as possible.

With the help of a broker, you can rest assured knowing that your business or personal lines are well protected from life’s storms.

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