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Load Shedding is Getting Worse; Be Aware of this Before You Get a Solar Geyser Installed

The winters are short here in South Africa but they are quite severe at times and we know that this will place extra pressure on Eskom – load shedding will continue throughout winter ❄️

South Africans across the country have embraced solar geysers systems as a means to ease the Eskom load shedding pain and the high electricity tariffs.

Solar geyser installs are quite different from standard geyser installations, and we want you to be aware of the regulations involved so that you are protected should your system suffer an insured peril and claim to develop.

Note the following 5 + 1 very important factors when getting your solar geyser system installed

  1. Your roof structure must be able to support the new system (SANS 10106:2014 5.3.1).

  2. If it is not possible to comply with (1), an engineer or registered technician must design the installation in such a way that the relevant safety and performance standards are met (SANS 10254 2017 and SANS10106 2014 4.1.7).

  3. The solar system must be installed in such a way that it does not accelerate the deterioration of the roof (SANS 10400-L, SANS 10243 and SANS 10252-1).

  4. Water heaters and containers and receptacles that are more than 200ℓ capacity may not be attached to a wall (SANS 120252-1 2012

  5. It is important to note that an engineer’s certificate must be issued for all solar geyser installations of 300ℓ or more.

While insurers would want to assist consumers when it comes to claims for solar geysers (insured peril like lightning, fire, hail), it is important that the insured items are installed correctly and that the consumer understands that they are responsible for appointing qualified and responsible installers and suppliers of these items.


Should you have any questions regarding your solar geyser installation and how to insure it along with your building, please feel free to contact us on the details provided below.

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