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Gas Safety at Home

⚠️ Read this before you go and buy a gas stove ⚠️

With load shedding still a reality, gas appliances are seeing high volumes when it comes to sales: gas is safe to use and it is nice to have when the lights go out!

There are however a few guidelines that must be followed for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Although gas is safe to use if installed per regulations, the most common types of hazards associated with its use of it include explosions and fire 💥. There are several guidelines to take into consideration where the installation of gas is concerned.

The following top three tips regarding installation can be found in the South African National Standards (SANS) guide under gas installation regulations:

✅ Gas bottles must be installed more than 1 meter away from doors and windows

✅ All copper pipes that are going through walls must be sleeved

✅ The gas installation must be fit for purpose regarding your appliances (there must be a certificate of conformity)

Here is further advice to homeowners from Santam Insurance Company’s underwriting team:

✅ Only gas bottles containing less than 19kg of gas may be stored inside a building.

✅ When gas stoves are in use, ensure sufficient ventilation.

✅ Do not open the gas flame too high and make sure the gas is turned off properly after use.

Always use a reputable installer that reality carries certification on their technicians' person and any vehicles that they use.


If you would like to be sure that your home is sufficiently insured this winter, please reach out to our friendly brokers using the link below


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