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Increase in Smash and Grabs in the Gauteng Region: How to Prevent a Smash and Grab

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A notification from ADT warns citizens across Gauteng that there has been a rise in smash and grabs in Pretoria and Johannesburg. They warn that criminals are striking when motorists are vulnerable such as when commuters are stuck in traffic, stopped at red lights and dropping their kids off at school. They further state that smash and grabs often happen at intersections and traffic lights. It has been reported that female drivers are at greater risk as criminals conclude that they are less likely to pursue the criminals. Furthermore, motorists who with a cellphone or cigarette in hand are also likely to be targeted as they are less aware of their surroundings.

Arrive alive states that one of the most important aspects of a smash and grab is the element of surprise. The best way to stay safe is to stay vigilant. Be conscious of your surroundings, especially when you are in a vulnerable position, as mentioned above. Here are some security tips to keep you safe from smash and grabs:

1. Keep your vehicle locked and secure. ADT recommends keeping your valuables in the boot of your car where they cannot be seen from the outside.

2. One’s instinct may be to keep your windows closed in heavy traffic but leaving a gap of approximately 3 centimeters will allow the window to absorb more shock from impact should you be targeted. It also leaves insufficient space for a criminal’s hand to reach through.

3. There are also various smash and grab film options that can be applied to your vehicle’s windows. The film can be tinted to prevent others from seeing the interior of the vehicle while also slowing access to the vehicle from the outside. The film also keeps the glass intact preventing it from shattering upon impact.

4. Avoid stopping at red lights late at night by slowing down your speed should the robot be red. This will buy you enough time for the light to change to green without needing to come to a complete halt.

5. Keep a safe following distance as it will allow you enough room to maneuver past the vehicle in front of you should anything happen.

6. Do not get out of your car to remove obstacles in the middle of the road. Items are sometimes intentionally placed in the middle of the road to invite motorists to leave their cars. This leaves both you and your vehicle at risk.

7. Remain aware of the people surrounding your car (street vendors, people handing out pamphlets, etc.) as they can intentionally or unintentionally divert your attention from your surroundings.

At Deo Gratia we believe in safety first. Stay alert, stay alive. If you have any further tips, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Smash and Grab film:

Smash and Grab Tips: Arrive Alive

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