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Wildlife Insurance

South Africa is unique that it is one of the few African countries that allow individuals to own, farm and manage wildlife – this is a wonderful commercial opportunity for Game Farmers to exploit and generate profits.

These profits need to be protected because of the risks that are faced daily by farmers. As the farmer ask yourself the following questions?

What is the real cost if I lose a breeding animal?

As brokers that have been making our customers happy about their insurance for almost 20 yeas and we want to make you happy about your insurance.

We can help you understand what these real costs will be.

“South Africa’s now has 24 million large mammals, up from fewer than 600,000 in the early 1960s, according to Wouter van Hoven, an emeritus professor at the University of Pretoria. Animal numbers in Kenya, which focuses on eco-tourism activities such as game-viewing, have plunged 80 percent since it banned hunting in 1977, according to Mike Norton-Griffiths, a U.S. zoologist.”

The Wildlife and game farming economy is now of the top 3 largest Agri-Economy’s in South Africa. (its bigger than sugar).

There are in excess of 10 000 game farms in South Africa and as long as the Wild Life economy is good this will keep growing.

The Wildlife market is also constantly innovating in order to keep interest and create new products for demand. 20 years ago when the market started to see the growth spurt Sable, Roan and Buffalo were the safest bet out there now that has changed and Golden Wildebeest, Midnight Impala and Springbuck of too many colours to mention are becoming more and more popular.

Farmers are now investing heavily in their infrastructure and the quality of the farms as well as the skills of their staff are improving on a daily basis. Never before has there been so much good quality game fencing in existence and never before has the farm worker acquired the skills they have now because now the value and potential return on investment has become so much higher.

Science has also played its part here. Intensive breeding in smaller camp areas has also brought about one or two challenges. Feeding and parasite control. New special feed recipes and hybrids are being tried and tested daily and Wildlife veterinarians have never been busier administering inoculations against the various pests and parasites.

The increased economy has also brought about a special requirement for ways to mitigate the increased risks. Deo Gratia Insurance Brokers offers a focused solution to this. Out Wildlife broker has years of experience in the sector and a good knowledge of all the SANS and SABS requirements that the insurers insist and check on when offering insurance cover for these risks. Our broker also has extensive knowledge regarding farming practices and the market.

Insure your valuable wildlife with us at Deo Gratia Insurance Brokers… We offer various insurances for your animals. If you are attempting game capture, animal translocation or you just want to insure your prized posession while it is on your farm, please contact André or Martie for a quote.

Remember that we also offer selective no claims discounts, which in turn offers extremely competitive rates to our customers.

Don’t take a chance on your business, make sure that you protect yourself against unwanted risk. We service our customers nationwide.

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