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Hospitality Insurance

Tourism is a major contributor to our South African economy. Our tourists require accommodation and this requires specialised insurance.

Hotels, B&B’s, Guest Houses, Self Catering establishments and Restaurants can all enjoy the specialised cover below. There are some differences between each of the above but the general offering remains the same. Below you will find a sample policy outline from from one of our insurer’s.

Fire (and Allied Perils) and Buildings:

Insure your buildings (thatch or standard) as well as contents, stock, plant and machinery as well as any miscellaneous items not normally insured under any one of the aforementioned categories. Cover that can be included in the above sections is cover for re-instating or restoring landscaped gardens and water features; cover against the pollution of fish ponds; damage caused by the escape of beer or other beverages from fixed installations; and/or cover for loss or damage to fixed external signs, blinds and canopies.

Business Interruption Cover:

Insures the client against loss of profits due to an insured peril. It also includes cover for the cancellation of bookings due to various causes which are not deemed as being an insured peril (such as accident injury, illness or death of the person for whom the accommodation was booked (guest), a close relative, fiancé or close business colleague of the guest or compulsory quarantine) as well as loss of levies for time share units. It also covers losses due to generator failure, air conditioner failure, closure of road, rail and air services, infectious diseases/pollution/shark and animal attack, loss of liquor license extension, absconding of guests as well as the cost of loss of water.

Theft Cover:

Our theft cover is NOT limited to forcible and violent entry/exit to the premises except in areas where alcohol and/or cigarettes are stored/sold. We also cover goods in the open under this section.

Public Liability:

Additional available cover under your standard public liability cover includes an Outdoor Activities Extension (which is cover available for liability occurring as a result of horse riding, hiking, game watching activities, game drives swimming, abseiling, diving, extreme sports and mountain biking), Professional Indemnity Extension, Food and Drink Liability, accidental damage to public services that the insured may become legally liable to pay as well as Car Parks Liability (damage to vehicles and their contents for which the insured becomes legally liable to pay).

Other comprehensive cover for which the client may or may not be familiar with such as protection for:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Office Contents
  • Accidental Damage
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Watercraft
  • Fidelity
  • House owners
  • Householders
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Interruption Following Breakdown
  • Plant all Risks
  • All Risks
  • Money
  • Glass
  • Personal Accident
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Motor
  • Motorcycle
  • Caravan and Trailers
  • Pleasure Craft

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