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Commercial Insurance

SME’s are under threat in the current economic environment.  Business owners need to focus more than ever on their core functions.

  • Who will look after and advise you on your insurance?
  • How do you know that you are paying a fair premium and that you are aquatically insured?

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) contribute around 40% to South Africa’s gross domestic profit and employ more than half of the private sector work- force. It is estimated that as much as 80% of new jobs in world economies are being created by SMMEs, making small business a key player in the future growth of our country. It is estimated that more than 1,5 million self-employed people constitute the SMME sector, contributing about 40% of the total remuneration in South Africa.

As a business owner in South Africa we want to be sure that our business assets and operations are secure and safe from the risks that we face daily…

Deo Gratia Brokers is also a business and as business owners, know how business owners think.

When we visit our prospective clients to conduct a needs assessment, we make sure that we understand all your business processes and functions so that we can advise you on the appropriate insurance.

The most important thing that we have found amongst our existing clients is that they want to be sure that they are not over-insured or under-insured and that they are paying the correct premiums. With Deo Gratia Brokers you can know that this is the case.

As independent brokers we are able to place the risk where the best possible fit is available.

Where does your business belong?

In the hands of call centre agents or with brokers that have over a decade of collective experience, where we treat our clients’ businesses the same way we treat our business.

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